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Belize International Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Theoretically, a Limited Liability Company or a LLC is a hybrid between two familiar business structures, namely, a corporation and a partnership. A LLC combines the best of both worlds by offering the advantage of both a corporation and a partnership without the disadvantages of either form.

A LLC, on the other hand, has distinct advantages over both a corporation and a partnership in that it not only avoids multiple level taxation, it also limits the liability of its members to the extent of the contributions made by them to the Company. No member of a LLC has personal liability for the debts of the LLC except where there are personal guarantees or other special arrangements. Moreover, LLC members, unless restricted by agreement.

Advantages of the Belize International LLC

  1. One Member can incorporate
  2. Exempt from all local taxes
  3. The LLC is a legal entity with separate rights and liabilities distinct from its members and managers
  4. Members are not personally liable for the debts, obligations or liabilities of the LLC
  5. Only judgments delivered by a court in Belize are enforceable against a LLC or any of its managers or members
  6. Members can fully participate in the management of the LLC
  7. Investment and Tax Planning
  8. No accounting/audit requirements
  9. International Trade (except in Belize)
  10. Hold assets/ship ownership
  11. Hold IBCs, Trusts and Foundations

Legislation - The Belize Act

The Belize International Limited Liability Companies Act, 2011 (“the Act”) is modelled on the Nevis LLC law of 1995 and the Cook Islands LLC Act of 2008. It is designed to give statutory certainty on some of the key issues of concern to US attorneys using domestic LLCs. The Act introduces several unique asset protection features consistent with the importance of this industry in the international market place. It is an ideal tax planning and asset protection tool and would be a useful addition to Belize’s offshore industry infrastructure.


  • Belize LLC cannot carry on business with residents of Belize (including Belize Companies)
  • cannot buy Real Estate in Belize (but can lend to Businesses in Belize)
  • cannot operate as a Bank, Insurance or Finance Company
  • cannot act as a registered office or serve as agent

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Why Incorporate in Belize?

A Belize IBC is formed under the Belize International Business Companies Act. This piece of legislation was initially adopted in 1990 and further extended and amended in 2000. Belize is an ideal location for investing in and forming an Offshore Corporation.

Special Offer

What makes Belize ideal?

  • Tax Exemption on all sources of income of a Belize IBC
  • Political Stability
  • Tax Minimization
  • Modern and flexible Legislature
  • Good Reputation
  • Confidentiality
  • Convenient time zone
  • Excellent Telecommunications
  • Accessible location
  • English Speaking

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