The Belize Companies Act 2022 repeals and replaces the International Business Companies Act, Cap. 270 and the Companies Act, Cap. 250, which was passed on August 5, 2022 by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).  The enactment of this law aims to adhere strictly to international regulations, enhance and streamline corporate affairs handling.

There are many benefits in offshore company formation including the possibility of reduced costs & efficient tax planning, protection of assets, maintenance of confidentiality and risk management. Professional advice and careful planning will ensure the integrity of a proposed structure incorporating an offshore company is maintained.

Belize is certainly a stable offshore jurisdiction. We have retained our confidentiality provisions. We speak English and have same day communication to the US.A. and our Belizean dollar (BZD) has remained pegged to the USD at 2 to 1 since 1976. Belizean IBC’s can trade and maintain Bank accounts. An IBC is not required to file tax returns or any other type of report or declaration to the authorities in Belize regarding sources of income. The basis of Belize’s legal system is British Common Law.

The shares of a Belize IBC may be denominated and issued in any currency. The most popular currency of capital is US dollar, because it is also the currency in which the Government license fees for IBC`s are calculated. The shares of a Belize IBC can also be denominated in several different currencies at once.

It is an individual or professional corporation that acts on behalf of the company as Director, being subject to director obligations and fiduciary responsibilities and need not be related to the beneficial owner.

By law all service providers/registered agents are required to obtain records and proper due diligence on all their clients. This information is not made public but is retained for the registered agent’s record and statutory responsibilities.

No, the prospective client/owner is only required to sign the formal IBC application forms. The actual incorporation documents will be signed by the initial subscriber represented by the registered agent.

These are pre-existing but unused/ non trading companies that are waiting “on shelf” to be owned by a potential client. This process is done to speed up the incorporation process.

Yes. Interested client(s) will only incur minimal government cost and professional fees for services provided.

A Shareholder is an individual or corporate body to which the name of shares are issued in or registered on behalf of another individual or entity. The Beneficial Owner on the other hand isn’t the holder but the actual owner of the shares of the company held.

No, upon incorporation of a Belize Offshore Company a bank account is not required. However, this is an optional service provided by service providers upon request.

No information pertaining to the identity of directors & shareholders is filed in any public register in Belize. As a licensed registered agent, we ensure privacy for our law-abiding clients. The only thing that must be filed with our IBC Registry is the name of the Registered Agent and the Memorandum and Articles.